Aloha and Welcome to E Komo Mai Sport Horses!

"Learn horsemanship from where it begins: the horse.
Our goal is understanding the nature of the horse and
its role and needs in today's world" - Nancy Steinecke

  Our ranch name, E Komo Mai Sport Horses, is a Hawaiian greeting which invites you to "E komo mai" or to "Come over, come join us".

  "E komo mai" is easy to pronounce. The "E" sounds like the "a" in the word "hay", "komo" is pronounced "koh-moh", and "mai" sounds just like "my". Aloha, e komo mai! E Komo Mai Sport Horses is located in the Pacific in the town of Hawi/Kapa'au within the district of North Kohala on the Big Island of Hawai'i in the USA where a tropical setting of lush vegetation surrounding the house and yard is combined with 30 acres of rolling ranch pastures. The facility includes half an acre under roof with a large arena, a round pen, and a tack room. Outdoors are paddocks and pastures with natural cross-country obstacles, and a stall for use formares with foals or lay-ups.

  E Komo Mai Sport Horses is a small specialty equestrian ranch and home to Interactive Horsemanship ™, which promotes a whole horse/whole rider approach to equine sciences. Our goal is understanding the nature of the horse, and the horse's role and needs in today's world. We strive to help our participants to become true horsemen, to create a fruitful and safe relationship with their equine companions in whatever equine venue they choose to pursue. We incorporate round pen work and equine behavior and psychology and proprioception principles into our natural horsemanship horse and rider sessions.

  Our participants learn horse health care, stable management, horse behavior and psychology, care and maintenance of tack, handling horses of all ages in varying situations, developing riding skills and advancement in various competitive fields such as dressage, eventing, and hunters, in addition to general pleasure riding and horse ownership.

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